Saturday, April 25, 2009

PB+J Otter Collection

As stated in my profile, I recorded every PB+J Otter episode. Here's a guide to the quality of every recording I made for those of you who are interested. (most of it is compiled from memory)

PB+J Otter Recordings – A Complete Guide

Compiled by flicktheduck


Type 1: I have it on a DVD; the quality is great

Type 1a: It’s on a VHS with nearly DVD quality

Type 2: It’s on a DVD with VHS quality

Type 2a: It’s on a VHS with VHS quality; some small flaws or signs of wear may show

Type 2b: It’s on a DVD with type 4 (see below) quality

Note: From here on, all recordings are on VHS tapes

Type 3: Used VHS quality; has a few spots with obvious wear

Type 4: Bad quality; the tape has many signs of wear and may be out of sync

Type 5: Horrible quality; picture quality is terrible for most of or throughout the episode, audio is out of sync, and the last few seconds may or may not be cut off

A * symbol means I have the first airing of the episode recorded.


Bye Bye PB+J: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (tracking issues durring the scene where PB+J are cutting out fish)

Babbleberry Day: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (fairly good quality)

The Treasure of Hoohaw Rock: Type 2a, 3, 4 (title card missing on type 4 recording which is also out of sync)

A Sledding We Will Go: Type 2a, 3, 4 (type 4 recording is out of sync)

Bagpipe Blues: Type 2b (starts right after Peanut drops the bagpipes in the water), 4

You Can’t Come In: Type 2b, 4, 5 (type 4 recording has many glitches, and a damage durring the scene where the kids are splashed by the Snooties)

Go Away Gorilla: Type 1, 1a. 2a (only the last 10-15 seconds; recording was for “Mama for a Day”), 5 (only a second of the part where Peanut and Jelly are in Butter's crib; because the tracking is adjusting at that point on the tape, the picture quality is quite bad and there is no sound whatsoever)

Mama for a Day: Type 1, 2a, 3, 4 (types 1 and 2a are missing the last 4 seconds with Opal and Ernest laughing, plus the credits, of course; type 4 recording has tracking issues; type 3 recording shows signs of wear, but nothing serious)

Born to Chirp: Type 2a, 3, 4, 5 (type 5 is out of sync)

Mega Melon: Type 2a, 3, 4, 5 (types 4 and 5 recordings are out of sync and have tracking issues, particularly durring the beginning scene where Opal sings the song to PB&J)

The Silent Treatment: Type 3 (starts durring the scene with Pinch and Jelly making faces at each other), 5 (very glitchy durring the scene where the Type 3 recording starts and also out of sync)

Picture Perfect: Type 2a, 3, 4, 5 (type 5 quality is same as the previous episode)

Invitation to the Snooties: Type 2a-3.5 (there are some tracking issues around the end)

Too Hot for Fishcicles: Type 3.5-4 (quality gets worse towards the middle and slightly out of sync)

Otter in the Water: Type 2a, 3, 4 (type 3 and 4 tracking issue problems)

All Popped Out: Type 2a, 3, 4 (tracking issues for type 3 and 4 recordings)

Nothin’ but the Tooth: Type 2a, 3, 4 (type 4 recording is out of sync)

Special Delivery: Type 2a, 3, 4, 5 (type 5 recording is imcomplete--actually just the credits for the episode, which have about 1 1/2 seconds cut off by a Zoog Disney bumper for some reason; the credits are very damaged durring the beginning, but the Zoog Disney bumper is far worse)

Soap Box Derby Day: Type 3, 4, 5 (type 4 and 5 recordings are out of sync, and type 5recording has major tracking issues durring the "peanut butter and jelly sandwich" scene, not to mention some damages)

Howdy Hoohaw Day: Type 4, 5 (type 4 is out of sync durring beginning, but somehow re-syncs itself, while type 5 recording stays out of sync the whole way through)

Butter the Balloonatic: Type 3, 4 (type 3 recording has tracking issues durring the beginning, while type 4 recording has bad audio quality and gets out of sync towards the end)

Gizmatronictron Raffle: Type 5 (out of sync the whole way through and very glitchy)

Dare Duck: Type 3, 4 (tracking issues during cave scene for both recordings, but type 4 has worse problems with the rest of the episode)

Otters of the Wild: Type 3, 4 (tracking issues for both copies)

The Big Time Bass-Off Contest: Type 5 (approximately 3 seconds out of sync, glitchy, damaged, and has tracking issues)

The Sleeping Beagle: Type 5 (same as previous episode, with an exception of the audio, which is almost 5 seconds out of sync)

Gotta Dance: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (very good quality for most recordings)

Otter Pox: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (superb quality for all copies)

The Dollhouse: Type 2a

The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper: Type 2a

Eye Spy: Type 3

Happy Harmony: Type 3

Strike Up the Band: Type 4

World’s Strongest Otter: Type 4

Come Back, Little Monster: Type 3

The Big Sweep: Type 4

Butter Tags Along: Type 3-4

Flick’s Big Find: Type 4

Tub of Butter: Type 1a, 2a, 3, 4

El Dorado, Seat of Gold: Type 1a, 2a, 3, 4

Mayor Flick: Type 3, 4

The Greatest Sleepover Ever: Type 2a, 4 (missing 2 seconds of the last 30 seconds)

Save Oaky Oak Tree: Type 1a, 2a, 3, 4

The Duck Who Cried Wolf: Type 1a, 2a, 3, 4 (one of these recordings has closed captioning)

Poor Bubbles: Type 4

Poodle Power: Type 4

Forgive Me Not: Type 2a

These Shoes are made for Walking: Type 2a

Mama Peanut: Type 3

Bye-Bye Bubbles: Type 3

Lost and Found: Type 1 (missing a half second in beginning), 1a, 2a, 3

Sherlock Otter: Type 2, 2a, 3

I’ll be Your Best Friend: Type 2a, 3

Otterly Alone: Type 2a, 3

Lemon-itis: Type 2a, 3

Duckbird Alert: Type 3

Follow Your Nose: Type 4 (very strange recording; recording starts in middle of theme song where same damages on Zoog Disney Promo mentioned above can be seen for 8 seconds; audio is out of sync at beginning of recording, but is resynced 10 seconds into the actual episode; first 30 seconds of actual episode have major tracking issues; good picture and sound quality for rest of recording, except the audio is a little muffled)

The Ice Moose: Type 1a, 2a (amazing quality, indeed)

Baby Butter’s Blankie: Type 3 (used VHS quality, but still watchable)

Three Super Otters: Type 4 (missing very last part; unknown whether or not credits are recorded on seperate tape)

Butter’s First Check-Up: Type 4 (couple glitches here and there)

The Legend of Ponce de L’Otter: Type 4 (more glitches than previous episode and missing last few seconds, which are recorded onto seperate VHS tape)

Gotcha!: Type 3, 4 (type 3 recording is only bad around the end, while type 4 recording is out of sync)

The Mysterious Mirror: Type 3, 4 (type 4 recording out of sync)

A Tree Grows in Hoohaw: Type 3 (fairly good quality)

Flick’s Big Fakeout: Type 3 (good quality, yet again)

This Little Light of Mine: Type 2a (very clear picture)

Look Ma, No Hands: Type 2a (clear picture, but slightly used-sounding audio)

Chez Otter: Type 2a (great quality)

Hooray for Peanut: Type 2a (very good quality)

The Great Water Race: Type 2a, 3 (good quality for both copies)

Be Nice To Beavers: Type 2a, 3 (fine example of good quality)

Kid Court: Type 4 (glitchy, out of sync, and has tracking issues)

A Frog Named Measles: Type 4, 5 (type 4 recording is of last 30 seconds and credits which are cut off on type 5 recording; type 5 recording is out of sync)

No Hands, No Feet, No Wings: Type 2a (impressive quality)

Let’s Help Dad: Type 2a (outstanding quality)

The Funky Band: Type 5 (very low quality; out of sync by 4 seconds, and glitchy throughout the episode)

The Singin’ Kid: Type 5 (even worse quailty than previous episode; out of sync by close to 6 seconds, and picture quality looks like it came out of the trash)

The Johnny Pompalope Story: Type 3 (good quality until end)

The Soapbox Boat Race: Type 4 (out of sync)

Aunt Nanner’s Special Place*: Type 2.5a, 3, 4 (type 4 out of sync)

Munchy’s Sinking Feeling*: Type 2.5a, 3, 4 (type 4 recording has half missing)

The Mystery Crate*: Type 2.5a, 3 (fairly good quality)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s an Elephant?*: Type 2.5a, 3 (mostly good quality)

Whistling Up the Wrong Munchy*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync 3 minutes into episode; not only is audio muffled slightly, but fuzzy sound from TV can be heard)

Billy the Duck*: Type 2.5a, 3, 5 (type 5 recording has end cut off due to bad quality; type 3 recording is complete with end and credits)

Opal’s Magic Mud Party*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync)

Leave it to Munchy*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync)

Peanut Overboard*: Type 2.5a, 3 (type 3 recording has damages here and there)

Come Back, Mama*: Type 2.5a, 3 (see above note)

Hoohaw is Where the Heart is*: Type 2a, 2.5a, 3 (incomplete recordings on Type 2a and 3 tapes; type 3 recording starts durring theme song and stops shortly after "I Love my Life" song, and type 2a recording starts in middle of "I Love my Life" song and finishes through next episode)

Everything in its Place*: Type 2.5a, 4 (audio is out of sync for type 4)

On the Right Track*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync)

Itchy Situation*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync, missing last few seconds; last few seconds and credits recorded on separate VHS tape)

The Big Surprise*: Type 2.5a, 5 (out of sync and glitchy)

Bazania Mania*: Type 2.5a, 5 (glitchy and out of sync; due to incomplete recording, stuff cut off is recorded on separate VHS tape)

Sergeant Gravel to the Rescue*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync at very end)

Sleepyhead*: Type 2.5a, 5 (far from being in sync)

Watchbird Alert*: Type 2.5a, 3 (good quality)

Flick’s Hat Trick*: Type 2.5a, 3 (good quality)

A Very Surprising Party*: Type 2.5a, 3 (average quality)

Easy Pickings*: Type 2.5a, 3 (average quality)

Collector’s Edition*: Type 2 (only first 6:20; glitchy), 2a (only first 6:20; glitchy), 2.5a, 3

Trading Places*: Type 2.5a, 3, 4 (type 4 recording is out of sync)

Munchy’s No Big Deal*: Type 2.5a, 3 (used quality)

Bubble’s Beginnings*: Type 2.5a 3 (used quality)

Soccer Surprise*: Type 2.5a, 3 (good quality)

Baking Blues*: Type 2.5a 3 (tracking issues in various spots)

Thanks for the Giggle Melon*: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (good quality)

Hope Castle*: Type 2.8a, Type 5 (glitchy, out of sync, and missing last couple seconds; recording of last few seconds plus credits on separate VHS tape)

Where Oh Where is Flick?*: Type 1 (slight damage), 2a (slight damage), 3

Win, Win, Winner*: Type 1, 1a, 2a, 3 (good quality for type 1 and 1a)

Easy as Pie*: Type 2.5a, 4 (out of sync and glitchy for Type 4 recording)

Pinky Pledge*: Type 2.5a, 4 (glitchy and out of sync for Type 4 recording)

Peanut Cries, “Uncle”*: Type 3 (good quality)

Nanner Says, “I Do”*: Type 3 (good quality)

Big Beaver Day*: Type 2a, 3 (mostly good quality)

The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw*: Type 2a, 3 (type 3 recording of last 30 seconds and credits, due to incomplete recording on type 2a copy)

Ducking Out on Valentine’s Day*: Type 2.5a, 4 (picture quality leaves something to be desired)

Opal and the New Otter*: Type 4 (out of sync starting halfway into episode)

Goodbye Lake Hoohaw*: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (great quality)

A Hoohaw Halloween*: Type 1a, 2a, 3 (good quality, as always; one recording is possibly of the first airing of this episode)


  1. But you said before that you don't actually have most of these anymore, right? Could you maybe post a list of what's actually still in your collection? (Or is it already posted somewhere and I just forgot?)

  2. Erm, I didn't mean what it seems you thought I meant. I still have all of these recordings. The only problem is, most of them are in long-term storage (due to the accidental misplacement), thus I have only 10 of my recordings available with me at this moment, and most of this is compiled from memory.

  3. like to post this if okay with you

  4. Is it possible to get a copy of any of the episodes you do have?